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Sherwood Park, AB to Victoria,BC

June 2024

TBI Awareness Run







Travis suffered a workplace injury May 13th, 2017. His life was forever changed. He worked hard, completed the rehab and underwent numerous painful and dangerous surgeries... everything physical he could do to "be me again." Travis handled it all like a champ.


What Travis didn't know... was how to champion all the things that changed that were not physical. What he could not see. What others could not see. But things that were having a profound impact on his life.


Travis has since been in contact with some agencies that do assist Survivors and their families and he has made it his mission to raise awareness so that no one in his situation ever has to feel like they are alone.

$385 raised of $250,000 goal                      Upcoming race: March 17, 2024 St. Paddy's Run

Travis is running to raise awareness about the challenges faced as a brain injury survivor. Support IS available and it is crucial that survivors never feel alone!

By 2031, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is expected to be among the most common neurological conditions affecting Canadians, along with Alzheimer’s disease, other dementias, and epilepsy

TBI occurs at an annual rate of 500 out of 100,000 individuals. That is approximately 165,000 in Canada. This equals 456 people every day, or one person injured every 3 minutes in Canada

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of disability globally. In Canada, 2% of the population lives with a TBI, and there are 18,000 hospitalizations for TBI each year.

Travis intends to kick off Brain Injury Awareness Month 2024 (June 1st) with a run to put his mission in motion. He will be running from his hometown of Sherwood Park, AB Canada to Victoria, BC, Canada.



One Man. One Goal. One Epic Journey

Calling all runners! 

Come join Travis for a run along his journey. This map is interactive! Navigate each checkpoint to choose your preferred meetup and have directions sent right to your phone. 

Stay tuned on social media to see which dates Travis will be in your town. 


With Me

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors!

Travis has aligned with a small Canadian registered charity in Edmonton, AB (Networks Activity Centre Society of Alberta) who he is working with to find sponsorship and support from the greater community. Networks supports adult survivors of brain injury/stroke in recreational and social activities once they have transitioned back into the community.


Travis has additionally aligned with Threads of Life, a Canadian registered charity dedicated to supporting families after a workplace injury, fatality or occupational diseases.

You can help make a difference.




In Touch

Show your support and achieve my goal of spreading awareness by cheering me on as you watch my live feed.

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